at first, i was really hesitant about this assignment and wasn’t sure how i was going to get all the photos i needed for this trend collection. i only provided a few shots here to give you an idea, i think i’ll put the other images to a much better use in future posts. i’m liking the role of a trend forecaster. all trends come from the inspiration of another and then made new with twists and tweaks for the modern-day fashionista, so it will be interesting how these elements will be interpreted and altered in the future fashion seasons. as soon as you see a certain trend in an old photo or image, you immediately get a feel for when it was created or taken. i love that.

this particular project entailed 5 trends, minimum 5 photos of each. they had to be my own shots, nothing taken from the internet or magazines so i just got out there and started making a fool of myself and approaching fashionable strangers walking around Miami. to my surprise, most of them were extremely flattered and more than happy to strike a pose for me. the first day, my favorite collab. partner, Valerie, came out with me and her camera and snapped some amazing shots for me – from there, i couldn’t have been more inspired, chasing down fabulous people left and right.

i was able to pick out a number of popular trends, but the most prominent among the ones i caught, on three separate locations were: the rock-star studs on everything from shoes, shorts and cell-phone covers; neon accessories, usually paired with minimalistic neutrals – just givin a lil “pop” to the situation; lace-like material and patterns knitted into dresses, shirts and shorts; floral patterns that would usually turn up in home decor designing; and lastly, tons of light, comfy jumpsuits that come in all sorts of lengths and styles. with the miami summer happening, the weather factor is a huge issue when it comes to these trends but it’s just as much an inspiration. i saw a lot of cutouts in tops and dresses and sheer coming from all different angles, which was stylish and very miami heat appropriate.

more street trends from Miami to come!

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