this weekend was a mixture of life’s unexplainable events. i heard the awful news from my hometown, that a really good guy i knew was involved in a terrible car accident that claimed his young life. it’s absolutely heartbreaking. if you’re from a small town, i’m sure you can relate to the fact that everyone knows everyone and it’s inevitable that the people around you become an extended family, whether you love or hate them some days, you know them and they’re a part of your life. i really feel for everyone back at home because it’s not just the family dealing with this horrible ordeal but it’s the entire town who feels this loss. life is so short and unpredictable, live each day with pride. Finney, you were a loving soul here with us and will be greatly missed my dear friend.

on a more positive note, the day before on Saturday, i had a beautiful day with one of my best friends. he came over to pick me up for food and we ended up walking from my apartment to an adorable little cafe, which i had never been to, and had a beautiful lunch catching up over the past couple weeks, talking about the future and getting inspired to go hard into the next week. it’s wonderful to have people around you constantly lifting your thoughts to a higher place while at the same time bringing you down to Earth when needed. i’m incredibly grateful for all of the positive people and everything going on in my life, even my broken exhaust pipe and curtain-less windows. it could be much, much worse. i’m grateful to have a car and a place of my own. and i am very blessed to have a brand new week to strive to be a better human. take this day and savor it. make this Monday a day to start doing what you’ve been waiting around to do for yourself, and tell a friend you love them and are grateful to have them around.



i think i subconsciously want short hair, colored in the mood i’m currently feeling. currently, i’m feeling very badass. and channeling it through jasmin here. purple hair and gray eyes. that’s why we call it a “dream girl”.

also, the 5K was awesome. i’m just too tired right now to tell you about it. AS I SHOULD BE – i ran my ass off. no really, i’m proud of my time (it’s not official that i know of but i did around 27 minutes) and in my mind i definitely held my own so i’m going to pour myself a tall glass of ice water and rehydrate (mostly because the corporate tent was stacked with economy size bottles of vodka – no thank you – and rum – ok fine – as soon as we finished). just cramming a bunch of fun into one day. cheers. taking home a personal W.



with her little German bun.

so, i’m running my first 5K today. first anything K as a matter of fact. i mean, while participating in a massive race of thousands of people running around the closed off streets running smack dab through the middle of the city. i was able to sign up through my job – which has so many fun perks by the way. who knew a corporate job would be so liberating? let me grumble for a second and say that traffic and parking will be utterly glorious but other than those bound-to-be-monumental obstacles, i’m pretty excited and would hope to the sweet baby Jesus that i’ll be able to keep up or at least hold my own since i’ve been working out regularly at a serious gym for about 8 months now. let’s hope. let’s hope since someone somewhere will be keeping track. see, i’m way too competitive to enjoy stuff like this. at some point i know i’ll feel a teensy rivalrous for not winning the entire thing which consists of oh i don’t know, 25 thousand runners, a lot of which are dead serious and freakishly prepared for it i imagine. it’s okay, i’ll go and lose for a good cause and get a nice workout running free as a bird through downtown Miami. a sweaty, hot mess of a bird i predict. either way, it’s going to be a positive experience. i’m excited to be a part of it. my first corporate run! get out of your comfort zone people and just go for it. no one’s really keeping track.