undies by Madalynne
photog: Valerie Petralia, stylist/MU: Brandy Swope, model: Maddie Flanigan

on this day, we collectively decided that panties is too creepy of a word to use for these cute little skivvies and underwear is just too – bleh. so, undies it is! these blue-starred undies are so adorable i could cry. and Maddie not only wore them like a cupcake but made the little one-of-a-kinds.. which i paired with a flowy, white top and the fabulous headpiece of hers which is extremely special, gifted from a friend. doesn’t it just make you want to lounge in bed all day.. looking f***ing awesome?!


from a recent photoshoot with Valerie and our good and extremely talented friend, Maddie. we were shooting a few of her lingerie pieces that she has so beautifully designed. believe me when i say this house was gorrr-geous. it’s not everyday you can work in a home that’s been photographed for interior magazines..
i’ll be sure to post more snaps from days like these.