this weekend was a mixture of life’s unexplainable events. i heard the awful news from my hometown, that a really good guy i knew was involved in a terrible car accident that claimed his young life. it’s absolutely heartbreaking. if you’re from a small town, i’m sure you can relate to the fact that everyone knows everyone and it’s inevitable that the people around you become an extended family, whether you love or hate them some days, you know them and they’re a part of your life. i really feel for everyone back at home because it’s not just the family dealing with this horrible ordeal but it’s the entire town who feels this loss. life is so short and unpredictable, live each day with pride. Finney, you were a loving soul here with us and will be greatly missed my dear friend.

on a more positive note, the day before on Saturday, i had a beautiful day with one of my best friends. he came over to pick me up for food and we ended up walking from my apartment to an adorable little cafe, which i had never been to, and had a beautiful lunch catching up over the past couple weeks, talking about the future and getting inspired to go hard into the next week. it’s wonderful to have people around you constantly lifting your thoughts to a higher place while at the same time bringing you down to Earth when needed. i’m incredibly grateful for all of the positive people and everything going on in my life, even my broken exhaust pipe and curtain-less windows. it could be much, much worse. i’m grateful to have a car and a place of my own. and i am very blessed to have a brand new week to strive to be a better human. take this day and savor it. make this Monday a day to start doing what you’ve been waiting around to do for yourself, and tell a friend you love them and are grateful to have them around.



i think i subconsciously want short hair, colored in the mood i’m currently feeling. currently, i’m feeling very badass. and channeling it through jasmin here. purple hair and gray eyes. that’s why we call it a “dream girl”.

also, the 5K was awesome. i’m just too tired right now to tell you about it. AS I SHOULD BE – i ran my ass off. no really, i’m proud of my time (it’s not official that i know of but i did around 27 minutes) and in my mind i definitely held my own so i’m going to pour myself a tall glass of ice water and rehydrate (mostly because the corporate tent was stacked with economy size bottles of vodka – no thank you – and rum – ok fine – as soon as we finished). just cramming a bunch of fun into one day. cheers. taking home a personal W.



best shoot to date.. Valerie and i have been doing this for a while, and a lot.. which must mean we love it. and each other. but seriously, we are getting better and better at everything we’ve been working at together. and it makes me so happy to see something we truly love doing, turning into something. it’s so exciting and no matter how big or small, when something like this happens, it’s so important to just be happy and enjoy it in the moment.. i’m proud of what we have learned so far, so fast and what we’ve pushed ourselves to do. i can’t even lie, we’re a pretty dynamic team. the cherry on top is really the solid fact that it never seems like work to us, at all. we’re blessed and lucky for opportunities like these. Back In Style has been such a blessing, such as asset, providing the most exquisite clothing to work with. i’m always excited for the next project and the next pieces i’ll get to style.

last thursday’s call time was around 7am.. so my day basically started the night before, getting everything organized, laid out and ready to go. very important at 6a in the morning. and not in my car yet because i’d rather have it in there when i wake up. just sayin.. it’s happened to me before.. anyway –

we started super early, so we could finish early.. all of us had other things to get to.. and having everyone being prompt and ready to work was so incredible and motivating. there was a great energy the whole day.. very cool group of workin’ women.

Natalija was our very beautiful elite model for the day, from Milan, living wherever she works, voted one of Miami’s top models and it was seriously an honor working with such talent. Sarah Mae, a gorgeous model we’ve shot before (and love) also came out and looked completely timeless and current at the same time, this girl is so kind and funny it’s contagious to be around.. and i have found that the models become our muse.. also! this could’ve been the most badass – Mica and Day, our professional hair and MU team killed it. it’s always beneficial for the entire team if everyone has an input and is able to express themselves fully and to their best.. Valerie and i briefly gave our creative direction and they more than delivered in interpreting it into the most perfect ways. an amazing team, once again.

above are some behind-the-scenes of the day and the full editorial is soon to follow. stay updated.


wardrobe: Back In Style
photog: Valerie Petralia
stylist: Brandy Swope
model: Romina / Elite

We killed this shoot, i don’t care. Romina is drop dead gorgeous, as you can see.. and the location was again – amazing. Thank you to our good friend and fam – Jacob, for hooking us up. Another cool body, Anna, came out to support and assist on this day and we were very grateful to have another helping hand. Thanks Anna!

Back in Style once again supplied our shoot and the last look – the sheer black embroidered jacket…. a;lskdfj. SO gorgeous. The white ensemble was just as breathtaking – so lucky to be working with such badass clothing.


wardrobe: Back In Style / Madalynne
photog: Valerie Petralia
stylist/MUA: Brandy Swope
models: Becky Hardin / Maddie Flanigan

Maddie and Becky were so sweet to work with.. looking so fresh and clean on this style shoot.. also, the bathroom was to. die. for. and you know the clothes make you want to be a professional housewife. we started early and the natural light was definitely our friend, coming through the windows all perfect..

Becky looked beautiful (and tasteful!) in Back In Style’s yellow knitted robe and Madalynne’s flower-printed bloomers.. the pearls just added loads to the what-a-lady factor. i mean, what a freakin’ lady. i wanna be her. the last look with the denim and the pearls. no puedo. i love it, i can’t [take it].


photog: Valerie Petralia

this is a shot from a while back. and it still brings a smile to my face. my boyfriend is so good looking, i know.. the incredible jacket is from Back In Style. as always, holdin it down.

chris and i are the biggest homebodies you’ll ever meet and predictably, we stayed in this valentine’s.. but! we have plans to celebrate with friends this weekend at a BBQ on a farm (i miss home!) with other valentines and their valentines’.. excited! and yyes, i’m being cheesy saying that christopher is my valentine every day, muah, muah, muah.

hope everyone had a day full of love.. and i hope you don’t forget that the world needs a few more days dedicated to it. all kinds, most importantly.. my mom sent me a big bouquet of purple lilies which are opening up beautifully on my desk as we speak..